I managed all aspects of production for this massive reveal video of a highly requested and anticipated product that we did not have on hand at the time of filming. My involvement allowed for some creative freedom, resulting in a compelling and engaging final product that exceeded client expectations.

I managed all aspects of production for this video revealing three new recreations of the iconic VOX Wah Wah Pedal. The video creatively alludes to the original products by incorporating material from their vintage advertisements, offering a nostalgic yet fresh perspective.

I handled the post-production of this video, including editing, audio mixing, and color grading. My work ensured a polished and professional final product.

I handled all aspects of production for this fun and creative video, styled as an old infomercial, promoting our April Fools' product—except it was real! This project allowed me to think outside the box and fully embrace a playful, nostalgic approach, resulting in a highly engaging and entertaining video.

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